4th Quarter Unicorn Award Recipient – Vicki Wilton

4th Quarter Unicorn Award Recipient – Vicki Wilton

The team at Centre Street Insurance nominated Vicki for the 4th Quarter Unicorn Award for demonstrating our guiding principles. 


“Vicki takes the time to work with you when you need it. She will drop what she is doing, and explain or give guidance when you are unsure about a process or workflow.”

(Lead with Relationships)


“Takes on extra work and does it without complaint.”

(Sweat the Details)


“A great problem solver, and is proficient in her duties.”

(Never Problems, Only Solutions)


“She is willing to seek out and do extra tasks that will help the team.”

(Good Vibes Only)


“Always seems to manage keeping her work caught up, and even makes time to help others catch up on their work if they’re falling behind.”



Congratulations Vicki!