Hail Insurance

Hail Insurance

In Alberta, there are a few things you can guarantee you will get in the summer- thunderstorms, rain, and hail. As crops begin to grow and another hail season approaches, our farmers are casting a nervous eye at the sky, hoping their fields are spared from hail damage this coming season. With the unpredictability of our summer season, we want to ensure your crop input costs and your hard work are protected. Let us ease your mind from that unpredictability.  


Our competitive Hail insurance policies provide you with solid risk management for your crops with our partners at Palliser Insurance.

A combination of full cover and deductible options can help you put your farm in the best position for the worst-case scenario.


Valued Coverage:

·      Coverage is available on ALL types of crops.

·      Individual Canola Rate.

·      Coverage ranges from $20 to $500 per acre.

·      Coverage purchased cannot exceed the actual value of the crop

·      Fast payout of claims – most claims are processed within 24 hours of receipt of an acceptable proof of loss.


Let us help give you certainty and protect your investment for this upcoming hail season.


It is never too early to look into hail insurance quotes, so give your local Hail Insurance expert - Jared Potter a call today at 403-820-2099 to review coverage on your crops.


You can’t predict the weather, but you can always count on us to help you deal with it.