Why a broker from Centre Street Insurance?

Why a broker from Centre Street Insurance?


In today's day and age, you may be able to buy insurance yourself.  You seem like a smart, capable, tech savvy type of person.  The only piece that you are missing is the insurance knowledge.  That is where an insurance broker comes in.  Your licensed experienced insurance broker works with insurance companies every day.  They have extensive training in technical insurance theory, know the insurance products available and what the market is doing, and determine what your insurance needs are for you to be adequately covered. Why not take advantage of your broker's experience at no cost to you.  They will shop around for you and find the best value for the money you are willing to spend while ensuring that you aren't lacking coverage.  That is their job.

Centre Street Insurance represents over 14 different insurance companies that offer a wide variety of coverage and premium options. Our brokers do the shopping for you, which saves you time and money - the right blend of price, coverage, and service.

You may find that some insurance companies promote buying directly from them to save you money.  It may be cheaper; but, often a cheaper price tag means less coverage.  The little differences of what isn't covered may be written into the fine print.  Are you going to know enough about insurance to find all those little "catches" that are written in before the claim happens?  Maybe not.

At renewal time, we will contact you to go over your policy - taking the time to explain & educate you with options & recommendations to make sure your insurance policies change with your needs.

... and if disaster strikes, your broker is there to support you throughout a claim to ensure a fair settlement.


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