Your Fall Season Check List

Your Fall Season Check List

When the trees start to turn their amber & yellow tone, and the morning air seems a little brisk it’s a sign a new season is upon us. At Centre Street Insurance we know what you need to do to get ready for the fall season. Follow our Fall check list to make sure your organized.

  • Pack away your summer stuff. Take the time to pack away outdoor patio furniture, collapse the trampoline, pool, drain the garden hose and put away other yard toys so they don’t weather over the colder months.

  • If you have a wood burning fireplace or stove, schedule a chimney cleaning from a certified professional. They can also inspect your seals and determine if there is any maintenance work that needs doing.

  • Have your furnace/heating system serviced to improve efficiency. You don’t want your furnace cutting out in the middle of winter so getting it serviced regularly will keep you up to date on its reliability.

  • Clean rain gutters. Blocked drains or gutters can lead to ice damming and extensive water damage.

  • Check door and window seals, replacing or repairing weather stripping or caulking as needed.

  • Vacuum your dryer vent to remove any hazardous lint build-up. This should be done on a regular basis, so doing it at the beginning of every season becomes a good habit.

  • Have a certified roofer inspect your roof and get any loose or missing shingles replaced or fixed.

  • Keep on top of those falling leaves and rake up any debris from the sides of your home. If you leave it over the fall/winter season it can become wet and decay or rot the structure of your home leaving you with an issue come spring. Nobody likes cleaning up soggy leaves in the spring - kids also love jumping in freshly formed piles of leaves! You’ll just have to get them to help you rack them back up!

Reminder: If you are away from your home during the heating season, most insurance companies require your home to be checked daily to ensure heat is maintained, or that your pipes are drained. This is very important as it keeps full coverage in place for water damage because of bursting pipes.

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